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A close friend of us had planned his wedding in the hottest time of summer – it was June’18 and the place was Jaipur !! We have lived in Jaipur all our childhood and we know how hot Jaipur summers are 🙄

Planning for a wedding and other festivities in the heat is a challenge. Usually, all of us go through a lot of dilemma on what to wear for summer weddings 🤔🤫So this is how both of us geared up for the wedding:-

1. What to wear –
The first thought which comes in any girl’s mind is what outfit she is going to wear when she gets any wedding invite 🙈As soon as we get an invitation, we start thinking about all available options in our wardrobes. We start making all the possible combinations from all the options available !! “It will be hot so no full sleeves… no high neck .no velvet?” And we want to look our very best! with thoughts coming up.. “this I already wore”.. “my friends have seen this in my last year pics” !! (True that🙈😂). Then, we finally decide to get a new dress..! We don’t want to spend a fortune either..we want to look best and wear something new as well !! Such a dilemma 😂🙈🙆🏻‍

Same happened with us as well…we did not want to spend a lot but wanted a new outfit too… so we came up with the idea of renting the outfit for the D-day!! I checked out Flyrobe App and it has so many amazing options for a summer wedding dress! You can go for a lehenga or a gown or a saree! Flyrobe has it all! So, Isha selected a grey embellished gown from the Flyrobe and it was a hassle-free experience from order to delivery of the outfit. We rented it for 8 days and paid Rs 2,500! The tailor came in Jaipur to take the fittings and it was all set☺ Good deal!!😬
Aashi also booked a lehnga on rent from a nearby boutique for Rs 1,500 for 3 days as we both wanted to check out the options available for rented outfits – offline vs online 💁.

2. Hair and Makeup
Our dresses had lots of embroidery and bling so we decided to go with minimal jewellery and makeup.
We did the makeup at home .. basic makeup which all girls can do and got our hair done from a salon nearby 💇🏻‍

3. Wedding Jewellery
We figured out all the available options in our wardrobe and matched the best what we had👌 Isha paired long silver earrings with white pearls and Aashi paired a gold choker with small stud earrings. Aashi added a bindi to add a bold look and Isha added a bold maroon lipstick.

Summer wedding tip – Be minimal and go for a sweat proof makeup. Carry the smile, put a bold lipstick or a matching bindi, minimal jewellery and simple hairdo!!😁

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