How to dress if you have belly fat!

Having a baby is an exciting time in a women’s lifetime!!! We all know that we as a women passes through the different stages during pregnancy and also after pregnancy, we do have lots of changes from belly fat to shoe size changes, from fatty arms to heavy busts and what not!!! During my pregnancy, I had put on weight around 12 kgs and just after pregnancy I lost around 7 kgs, but still I was overweight and was not ready to compromise with my dressing style either👯😀

We must always adore and love our body no matter what… It’s a precious gift which God gave us to nurture♥️. So take care of this body, love it and look the best.♥️🤗
I’m thrilled that I’m a mom now, but I do still want to feel good about myself. So, how do you rebuild a sense of personal style from scratch and rediscover the joy of dressing well again, especially when you have limited time and money plus a number of practical requirements for your wardrobe? Below are a few things that I’ve found helpful in the pursuit of feeling happy with your personal style as a new mother.

1. Peplum top

It is a life saviour for all women out there like me who have belly fat problem 😉.By wearing a Peplum top, you can hide your belly very easily. It gives you a fitted look on upper half and flows down loose on your waist. Peplum tops and shirts will be great for any occasions, you can wear them to your office or party. For more casual outfits you can combine them with skinny jeans (just change simple jeans by classic trousers, and you’ll get an office look),if you wanna be casually stylish, find distressed or cuffed ones. For those who like to be eye-catching, I offer to get coloured jeans (for a gentle look prefer pastel colour ones).

If you like skirts, you can pair a peplum top with them too. For office styled looks you choose a midi or knee-length pencil skirt, and for a cocktail party pick up mini flared ones to look flirty and charming.

2. High Waist Trousers

High waist Trousers are ‘in’ these days as well. These can be skinny or bell bottom style. What is so great about them is that they can magically hide those extra few pounds you gained. If you put on a belt and a fitted top/bodysuit, that will emphasize on your waist and will make it look smaller. These pants sit at the “natural waist” right at your belly button, which is the widest part of your body and the correct place where your body is visually halved. However, they can even be made to be higher. My personal favourite is black coloured trousers

3. Flare & A line dresses

Flare dresses are all time favourite. A line dresses are fitted to your waist, and then flare out gradually to the hem. The magic in this shape is that it can minimize the midsection,hips, and thighs, and draw attention to the bust half at the same time (depending on the neckline).This helps you a lot to maintain your fashion statement with no extra effort. It will hide your belly fat easily.

I hope this will help you to maintain your fashion style while having belly fat. But keep try to stay healthy and fit, it’s important for you and your body ♥️ be happy and healthy.

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