“Liitle girls with dreams become women with vision🦋”,
As they say.. Never stop dreaming !!
Here we are, starting our journey together towards writing our blog ‘2 state girls’
You must be thinking why this name!? Let’s tell you a story of 2 girls –

Isha and Aashi😊

We first met ten years back in Jaipur when we both were aspiring to become Chartered Accountants! We became best of friends in no time as we both were very much alike. For next 5 years we were busy completing our professional degree courses and in the year 2012, we became Chartered Accountants! That was a very proud moment for us🤗.

Our lives moved ahead, we both started our jobs in MNCs and we got married in the following years. We got on with our normal lives and we both are happily married (love marriages😋). During all this time, never went a day that we did not think about doing something different… different from our normal lives… different than the league!!
It was always about expressing our styles, our fashion sense, our thoughts and ideas!!

We believe writing down thoughts is the best way to express how one feels.

So after about 6 years ( we know it’s long🙆🏻‍♀️), we realised let’s do it TOGETHER! Although we are in different states (Isha in Bangalore and Aashi in Delhi), we have lot of talented bloggers around and we are very new to this field…we decided let’s do what we love and do the work that makes us really HAPPY !!🤗

We will try our best . We will put up content about our outfits, style diaries and much more so you will know more of who we are and the style we like.
At the end ,fashion should be something that is fun and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Remember the most important thing is figuring out your own style and comfort zone!
Loads of love
Isha and Aashi😘